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Your rental income is the lifeblood of your building.  Premises Guardian works hard to keep all units occupied and paying. We work with brokers to quickly on-board qualified tenants.

We expertly create and generate renewal/extension leases and vacancy leases that are accurate and compliant with all NYC regulations.  We know all the correct riders to use for each particular type of lease and we carefully note lease expirations so that lease renewals/extensions meet NYC regulatory deadlines.

We keep meticulous rent ledgers on each tenant so we can correctly assess the tenant’s rent payment history.

We know how to deal with tenants who are in arrears. We are accustomed to working with law firms to get the matter resolved expeditiously.

We handle tenant calls and concerns so you don’t have to.


We have proven contacts with the vendors to meet your building’s needs:  law firms, brokers, boiler maintenance and repair, heating oil, insurance companies, plumbers, electricians and much more.



We manage tedious weekly or monthly payroll and salary issues with ADP and others.

We have created our own customized methods to track the complicated affordable housing rent rolls and annual registrations. We know how to keep monthly rent invoices current, so that no rents are missed and the correct amount is charged every time.  Every dollar counts.

We log all accounts payable and accounts receivable, making tax time more manageable. We help prepare the data which needs to be submitted for your accountants during tax season or if you need to refinance your building. We keep detailed expense ledgers and other hardcopy documentation.

We keep all your leases, invoices, contracts and other documentation organized and available for you.

We keep your security deposit bank accounts well managed and up to date.


We know how to comply with regulations for all NYC government agencies and we understand their expectations: NYCHA, HPD, DOF, DEP, DOB, HCR and many more.

We know the Real Estate calendar and know how to keep you compliant with all your yearly regulatory requirements and avoid violations: Annual rent registration, HPD registration,  benchmarking, boiler room inspections, annual safety notices, signage etc.


We know how to manage and direct union staff to maximize their productivity.

We understand the Apartment Building Agreements between the Union and building owners.

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